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10. August 2016 3 10 /08 /August /2016 17:16

Happy birthday. You ruined me for a very long time, but happy birthday. It’s been a year since I sat in 7th period Art 1 sobbing into my best friends lap. A whole 365 days since I realized you were gone. My best friend told me to forget you. But we both knew I couldn’t do that. & if I’m being completely honest, sometimes I miss you so much I’d jump off the roof of your office building just to catch a glimpse of you on the way down. Everyone says that means I still have you in my heart. But I don’t want you there. I want you to get the fuck out and leave me alone. I want to delete your number and delete this stupid message that I’ll never send you. Because after all, you ruined me for a very long time. Happy birthday.

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i think, i wanna marry you



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